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Once Navy always Navy


Area 10 Reunion 2011


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Area 10 Reunion 2006


Area 10 Reunion 2009  "Blackpool"

HMS Sceptre at our new HQ 

"Atherton Arms"



Christmas Party 2004


Shipmates at our old HQ

"The Sailors and Soldiers Club"  









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HMS Ark Royal

HMS Argonaut

HMS Anglesey

HMS Beaver

HMS Belfast

HMS Ambuscade

HMS Bicester

HMS Brave

HMS Broadsword

HMS Charger

HMS Chiddinfold

HMS Cottesmore

HMS Dumbarton Castle

HMS King George V

HMS Gloucester

HMS Hermes

HMS Hood

HMS Illustrious

HMS Implacable

HMS Invincible

HMS Ledbury

HMS Liverpool

HMS Manchester

HMS Norfolk

HMS Ocean

HMS Orkney

HMS Phoebe

HMS Prince of Wales

HMS Raider

HMS Rodney

HMS Sandown

HMS Scott

HMS Sheffield

HMS Shetland

HMS Sommerset

HMS Southampton

HMS Trafalgar

HMS Upholder

HMS Vanguard

HMS Warspite

HMS Witch

HMS York






We provide help and camaraderie for ex-servicemen in Atherton and the surrounding area

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